Living with Endometriosis, Infertility and the Surgical Menopause


Welcome to my site!

I have started this blog to share my journey through my struggle with Stage 4 Endometriosis, IVF, and now Surgical Menopause.

My Story

Getting Diagnosed

I was diagnosed with Stage IV Endometriosis in 2014.

After years of extreme pain with my cycle and many doctors sending me away with the pill or telling me I had IBS I finally saw one doctor who took  me seriously and referred me to a specialist.

A laparoscopy confirmed the condition and I was sent to a further specialist who dealt with the severity of my stage.

A further laparoscopy was done and they were able to separate my bowel from my uterus. In the meantime I was told that conceiving naturally was very unlikely due to one fallopian tube being completely blocked.

Although the diagnosis was not a surprise due to my Mum, Aunt and Sister having the condition the fertility issue was a big shock.

Having worked with children for 18 years in the care sector I found myself wanting to move on.

In the meantime the news was effecting my relationships. I would cancel meeting with friends because of the pain and mood swings, became lethargic about seeing family and lost a lot of self confidence as a woman.


I got married the year of my diagnosis and we had already stopped the pill in the hope of starting a family as soon as my body adjusted. Nothing had happened and I had become more and more unwell which led to me chasing my doctor and eventually the answers..

I was also told after my operation that this was the best time to conceive, still nothing and we followed advice to seek help.

After numerous blood tests, scans and failed FSH tests I finally managed to get a referral for NHS IVF. We are now about to start the treatment and like many women about to start this treatment I am scared. I thought starting a blog like this may help other women who are about to take this step and be a great channel for me to diarise how its going and track our journey and outcome.


Unfortunately our journey didn’t turn out how we had planned. IVF had an adverse effect on my Endometriosis and the damage to my body had already been done. I had further surgery which resulted in the loss of my ovaries.

Surgical Menopause

With the realization of the fact I can not carry my own children and adjusting to the changes that occur in the body when your hormones are gone I continued my blog. I carry on to share my experiences and the next part of my journey.

I will also share any tips and useful information in a new part of the site under development.

I hope this will inspire others and raise awareness!