Alternative therapy

I have heard from many people that acupunture is a great help for ladies undergoing IVF. 

I started my first session on Saturday which is meant to boost mental clarity, blood flow an communication between the organs 

3 thoughts on “Alternative therapy

  1. Hi thank you for this blog ..Reading your story I did remember how stronge we are I do have a similar story . I am 28 I was diagnosed with end stage Iv at the end of 2013 ( accidentally at work) after years of pain.. A doctor that worked with me belivied on me and helped me . After referral and more referral I did had 10 surgeries in 2 years. Yes 10 . I end up with stoma bag and a sensitive bladder I had complication after complication but well I still alive and without pain at moment ( touch wood). After I few more fights I did manage a referral to infertility clinic and more referrals and authorisations from my bowel surgeon to be referred to IVF. Luckily I do work in care setting and I can argue with the doctor easily. Well I am having another app in 2 weeks time and hopefully finally my IVF paperwork will be filled in . I am feeling very hopeful. I just want to pass the message that we are stronge and we can do it .. And to all the women struggling with pain .. Pain isn t normal, fight for yourselves don t let happen with you what happened to me ..

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    1. Thank you Marina for your comment. It’s such a hard journey through diagnosis and finding out having your own family might not be a reality. I am hoping this blog might raise awareness and help other ladies who are about to go through this themselves. Xx


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