First Appointment with the fertility clinic 

Well after reading the tonne of forms and info on our welcome letter the time had come to meet Dr Chui

I started my appointment by having to empty my bladder before having an internal scan. 

I knew something wasn’t right when the dr struggled to find my right ovary. 

After the scan I sat down and he told me that one of my tubes was swollen and my ovary was tucked away. I was am warned that women with that have their chances of success halved due to the tube leaking harmful liquid onto the developing embryo. He also told me I had only about 5 follicles he could see when the norm is about 11 per ovary. 

This was a massive shock and I felt like the world was pulling away from me. I held back the tears and listened to him tell me the facts.

Our choices were;

Go away and have that tube removed and then come back and try to go through the referral process again

Or go for it and give it a go

My husband had to speak for me and I asked him what we should do.

“We have to go for it, we have come this far”

So we agreed 

Next I must phone the clinic as soon as my period starts to book on my start date

I came away so emotional, lost and hopeless but I knew I had to stay calm if this treatment has any chance of working 

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