Juggling each other

How do you juggle each other’s mood when you yourself are swinging between the personalities of happy, grumpy and dock?

It’s all good while your loyal husband is his jolly self and keeping you afloat. But what happens when he is tired and quiet?

The paranoia starts….

Am I hard work? Can we get through this? I am I being lazy? Is there more I can do?

Talk about putting pressure on yourself! 

Come on broken womb, bowel and hormones……. Work miracles! 

Just need to take a deep breath and remember why we are doing this and to take the calms and the storms each day at a time.

We need to remember too why we are the couple we are and what is going to make us good parents to our biological or adopted children

We have to make the best of the path we have been given while balancing the hope to improve on the options we have I apologise for the long rant tonight….I seem to be in a contemplative mood!

Watch this space! Lol

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