Warning TMI alert!

Just a prewarning I am going to be a bit graphic below:

This last 48 hrs have been hell if I am honest.

Pain, cramping, diarrhoea and tears.

My endo has reared its ugly head big time with these drugs. 

I have finally come on with heavy clots today, been up most of the night with excruciating cramps which get me running to the loo.

All that’s left in me is bile which is concerning me as it contains some fresh blood. 

I think this is a sure sign my endo is now in my bowel and this is making me more scared about what’s to come.

Worrying that if we do have success I will have to go through this pain after the birth. At least then I could take my pain killers! 

Can I tell them to whip my uterus and the rest as soon as the babies out!? 

It’s made me question my strength to get through this.

My hubby offers me food, tea etc and I don’t fancy it, just want to cry which I do. 

We have cuddles and it helps a bit but the cramps carry on.

Hoping as the period settles in to place the cramps may stop.

I tried to call the out of hours advice line but just got a confused lab lady who said to call back tomorrow. 

It’s hard to carry on injecting when you feel so awful but I do. 

Please let this part pass soon!

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