Baseline scan yesterday 

This morning I was beyond shattered, getting ready for work and attempting to tidy up for a flat show around.

I managed a bit of fruit but I still can’t face much food.

I had to take a urine sample to my appointment as its their policy to do a pregnancy test even under the circumstances.

I had the internal scan and the nurse quickly found the left ovary which had a cyst which she measured on the screen and continued to easily find the right ovary which the Dr had struggled with a few weeks ago.

After the scan my nurse explained that the cyst was probably an egg that had been released and the down regulating drug had stopped anything further happening. This created a fluid cyst around it.

She said that they would like to delay the start of the egg drug until the cyst reduces with should happen naturally while continuing the 1st drug. I also had hormone blood tests to test whether the cyst is releasing any Estrogen which would effect the 2nd drugs effect. 

They wait also to make sure the ovary has enough room to create new follicles for the eggs that they hope develop later on.

I am happy to delay the 2nd drug, I feel like I need the extra time to process the last few days and get my eating back on track.

I am very pale and run down, and need to get myself in to a routine.

I went on to work after which felt good to get back but I did feel a little bit jaded. Being back at the desk helped me to eat whilst distracted by my work.

We went out after work to see a friends show and although it took a lot of effort to get myself out I needed the focus on something else. I am glad I went !

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