Its starting to come to my attention that in times when you are going through something new and emotional suddenly you become aware of who you can count on to look out for you, listen to you and check up on you.

Sometimes it surprises me who you find is there for you and who you find seems to have forgotten.

Of course I don’t expect to be their first priority, I appreciate we all have our own journeys and lives to cope with every day and I know we can all be consumed by what’s happening every day.

But this journey I am on…..its not an every day thing, its not easy and even though I have this blog it doesn’t mean I still don’t want people to contact me directly and see if I am ok.

Lets be truthful IVF is a major thing…..

Not only have I spent the last few years in pain, depressed and each day dictated by an illness. I have also learnt the damage that is already done to my body.

I have to live with that and the fact that this evil disease has taken my chance to have a family naturally. Not only that I have to face the fact that the damage in there is worse than they thought and depletes my chance of success at all.

And through all of that I have to fight through the drugs, side effects, scans and more drugs, forgetfulness and emotions…… not only that to juggle keeping a healthy marriage afloat.

So yes I may say ‘I am fine’ when you ask me how I am, but just the act of asking makes me feel I have someone else in my corner.





3 thoughts on “Support

  1. So true! I have lost touch with a few friends that do not know how to deal with our infertility. I think it makes them feel awkward as they just gave birth to their 3rd+ child and are fertile myrtles. They have stopped calling or talking to me all together. Others are very supportive. They probe further than my fine response. They keep tabs on where I’m at on the cycles. They ask how we are mentally coping. They don’t know the process but them checking in means a lot. While I have lost a few friends, other friendships have really blossomed. I’ve even made new ones through it all.

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    1. It’s such a shame isn’t it! I an understand it must be awkward for people but you shouldn’t shut people out because you don’t know how to handle it. This one more than any you need people to rally round you web if it’s just a quick text to acknowledge they are thinking of you! Xxxx


  2. Keep the faith Anna. What you are going through sounds truly horrendous, but I have known several women go through this and be rewarded with a beautiful baby.
    Sending big hugs xxx

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