First Menopur Injection

Well I took a video of my first attempt but not only is the video too big for my facebook page, it costs for me to post videos on here!

So tomorrow I will video again when I will probably be quicker and less nervous and post it on the page.

I found the putting together and the drawing up of he medicines a lot more stressful than the injection itself.

The swapping of needles, drawing up the dilute and then the three menopur powders was a bit fiddly but the jab wasn’t s stingy as I thought and not much feeling after either.

So now its 5 more of those and a scan on Tuesday.

Fingers crossed I don’t feel too bad and the eggies start to grow!!

2 thoughts on “First Menopur Injection

  1. Hang in there, just try to focus on getting through one day at a time and the whole thing won’t feel so overwhelming! I hated having to get up early for the injections too and just feeling generally crappy. Wishing you all the best for the rest of your cycle.

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