Menopur day 2

I had an unsettled night mainly as I had alot of hot flushes before bed and ended up sleeping with a fan on. 

I also kept waking and thinking ‘do I feel ok?’ Maybe felt a little odd but nothing unusual from the last couple of weeks. 

I watched a YouTube video on menopur injections to make sure I was doing it properly after having a few issues yesterday. 

This time I felt more confident and  apart from the flinging across the room of the solvent lid as it popped off it went well.

This time I felt the liquid go in and it stung a bit but it passed quite quickly. 

Crawled around on the floor for 5 mins trying to find the solvent lid to put in the sharps box 

I have felt a few light sort of tapping, or bubbly bits in that part of my tummy and again feel a little strange and hot.

I had my walk in town at lunch as suggested to help with circulation and was tempted in to the baby section in Boots. 

It was a strange feeling of almost guilt that I was there and not pregnant. Almost like I was faking something being there. 

I was looking for something I could buy to spur on my excitement and positivity and visualise having a baby. 

I stopped at a gorgeous pair of booties and admired them. I didn’t buy them!

I spoke to a colleague at work and explained I needed something visual to make me smile, she kindly leant me a picture of her niece as a baby to put on my desk.

I was touched by this so much !

At the moment I am somewhere between excitement and disbelief that it’s going to work. I am worried about my eggs, how many of any will I get ? Will they be good enough? Will any fertilise? 

So much to question but positivity is really key. This is hard to balance!

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