Feeling Odd

Day 8 of Menopur and I feel very emotional !

A colleague celebrated their last day before maternity leave and ‘Congratulations’ banners and posters were speckled around the office everywhere you could think.

I am of course happy and excited for anyone but it can be a bit tough on us fertility challenged.

Today I have felt quite bloated and my squashed Ovary has been niggling away at me all day, I gave in and took paracetamol.

A little walked alleviated it for a bit but i just feel a little light headed and like a bubble of emotions is under the surface waiting to pop out when i least want it to.

I think i may be heading for a few tears at some point but who knows when they will come.

I have another scan tomorrow and I am keen to know how things are progressing as i am feeling tired and need something to spur me on a bit further.

I feel like I want to be at home tucked up in bed watching mindless tv rather than at work.

Plodding on and hoping the day goes quickly!

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