Things are happening!

So today I woke up feeling ok but as I tried to eat my breakfast I felt nausea wash over me and emotions were rolling around my head.

I made an effort to lift my mood in the car on the way to work putting my music on shuffle and singing along.

The morning went quite quickly and before I knew it….. it was time for my scan.

The nurse moved the internal probe around and started marking off measurements on the screen. Again I was staring at it thinking I couldn’t tell what she was looking at.

She told me I had a 13 mm egg sac on my left side which is the one that is pretty much inaccessible unless there is a minor miracle, the right side there were two egg sacs, the smallest was 9 mm. I think she said the other was 11 mm.

The lining of the uterus was building up nicely which is a sign the eggs are in the sacs are developing and as they do they release oestrogen to thicken the lining.

So these are all good signs but they were hoping for more activity so I am back on the menopur for a further 3 days and in for a scan on Monday.

It is looking that egg collection could be the following Thurs, Sat or Mon depending on the progress in the next few days.

This is exciting, but I just hope the eggs I have are healthy and mature.

I have been very achy low down in the abdomen and a few little niggles in the left ovary today which I am focusing on as good signs of activity.

We are moving along and so far my body is reacting correctly! Come on eggies!!


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