The big bloat!

So I did my last burserelin this morning and it felt strange to not be doing it again.

I am so bloated today, and little bubbles of activity in my belly with the odd twinge from my ovaries.

Feel very tired but I have a new positive filter in my head that has almost been chanting positive sentences:

I will have healthy eggs, I will get pregnant, I will feel well etc 

I have listened to ‘the secret’ audio book before drifting to sleep the last couple of nights an although I found some of it a bit over my head, I am really intrigued by the idea of what you think coming to you!

So let’s think positive people!!

Well my husband is struggling a bit with the lack of caffeine, nicotine and alcohol….. And the ordered abstinence between yesterday and Thursday’s sample. 

Left him to it watching tv tonight so he can have some chill time.

My nipples are quite sore tonight, which does tend to happen at some point in my cycle but I couldn’t tell you when. 

So I have laid out my syringes for my ‘trigger shot’ which I have to do at 00.15am! 

Alarm is set as there is no chance of me being able to stay awake til then. I am a bit nervous about this one for some reason.

I have also part packed my bag for tomorrow night, we will be travelling to the hotel after work tomorrow. I have confirmed times with the hotel and we are ready for action! 🙂 

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