Checked out

So after a nerve racking few hours I am back to the hotel feeling quite good. The staff were attentive and thourough. 

I woke up from the anaesthetic to friendly faces and was taken down to my room (bigger than hotel room) Obs were taken regularly and soup, Toast and jacket potato served up. 

I quickly felt awake and managed a wee and found no bleeding. 

The consultant came round to tell me they only two eggs and they would be in touch with me tomorrow to let me know if fertilisation had taken place.

As there are only two we wouldn’t be going to blastocyst stage, and they would be looking to transfer them back in on Sunday. 

So all to hope for now is healthy embryos! 

Tonight I start my cyclogest pessarries twice a day to add extra progesterone 

Now time for some rest X 

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