Two week wait begins

What an exciting few days!

So we travelled back up to the clinic yesterday evening and checked in to the hotel to make sure we were both relaxed and ready for today.

Since Egg collection I have been using ‘cyclogest’ pessaries twice a day to add Progesterone.

These should be used rectually on the night before and morning off egg collection and back to vagina use twice a day afterwards.

They are a little messy and have made me feel bloated but other than that i have felt ok.

So this morning we had breakfast and went for a walk along the seafront to calm my nerves and get the circulation going. We imagined walking along there with a buggy with our babies to show them where they were conceived. We agreed to stop by ‘the beach house café and share a kiss when that time comes.

At the clinic my room was ready and a jug of water awaited me, I was sent for a wee and then had an hour to refill my bladder ready for the ultrasound.

The embryologist bought a picture of the embryos and explained their cell division so far and that they weren’t top quality but ‘middle of the road’

At 11am a nurse came to collect us and took us to theatre, there I was told to lay down and put my legs in stirrups. The nurse used a speculum (like smear test) and washed around the cervix.

She did a dummy run of the catheter into the uterus to make sure the route was clear, and then they went and got the embryos.

Then she placed the embryos into the uterus!

Straight after I was taken back to my room in the wheelchair and advised to have a wee and rest for around 20 minutes and then we were free to go.

They advised to carry on as normal and there was no need to go and lay down or have bed rest. We had a little walk to the shop and then came back to the hotel to relax and have a snooze.

Its very weird to think that our little babies are back in my tummy and I instantly felt protective (and hubby) of my tummy. I feel a bit more bloated that I did before but I don’t know if that’s just because I am aware of my tummy so much more.

Test day is 26th November, so for now I have to relax, get on with life and let nature take over. I am thinking positive, imagining the implantation and saying fertility affirmations regularly.

As suggested by my friend who is on this journey herself that I should drink ‘pom’ juice  and eat pineapple (including the core) for 5 days to help them settle in.

I have also bought ‘during pregnancy’ supplements to start tomorrow!

Hold on tight little embryos…… we cant wait to meet you 🙂

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