Hot hot hot!

Well had to strip the bed this morning after yet another night of hot spells.

Still dizzy and it’s like my eyes take a second or two longer to catch up with my head! 

I had Acupunture today and I used the time to visualise meeting our babies for the first time and the emotions it would bring. Bought tears to my eyes. 

I also had some strange almost flinching feelings in my tummy, they were involuntary and like nothing I have felt before. I would like to think my little beans are rooting themselves in 🙂

Still keeping positive but it’s strange that even though I have these side effect of the cyclogest I feel quite normal. 

A lot of people say they felt the same right up and beyond the test day. 

Only a week to go now and I am shattered most of the time. I tried to nap today but couldn’t switch off.

I  hoping tonight with my newly set up fan I might get a fall nights rest! 

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