Last night when I went to bed I was shattered and as I lay down to relax I started to feel the twitching again!

It’s like I only notice it if I am fully relaxed. I also felt a sort of light bubbly feeling. 

I can over happy, calm and positive something good was happening. All of sudden I wanted a cuddle with hubby and I was wide awake.

Although this afternoon I did some tidying up and my tummy has bloated up, and I have very light cramps that are barely there.

I feel a bit emotional today especially as the ladies on the support group who were due to test same time as me have tested already!

She is 6dp5dt and it was already starting to hatch. It reassures me a little as she has had no symptoms other than a few cramps. 

I am not testing early! I don’t want a false negative that will upset my balance. 

So many ladies are getting positives! Please let me be one of them, I am so ready to be a parent 

2 thoughts on “Shaky 

  1. The light cramps and twinges are a good sign! I remember getting some night sweats too, not sure whether it was a side effect from the progesterone or what. Really hoping you get good news in a few days!! Do your boobs feel sore by the way? That would be a good sign though as you said some women have no symptoms till later

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