Any hope?

So this morning I was up at 3am with intense cramps that came every half hour and each time I bled from behind.

This seems alarming but it’s somewhat normal for me and my bowel Endo. 

I had another sob to myself.

I was concerned so instead phoned the clinic for advice.

The nurse asked if these symptoms were normal for me before a period and if so it looked as though my body was ready to have a period and the treatment may not have worked especially because of the timing of the cramps.

Either that or the progesterone had aggravated the soft tissue in my bowel making it worse

I was told not to drink or wee for a few hours and do a test early.

I tested and it was negative, which in some ways i already knew.

But I still have tomorrow’s official test and I am asking you all to pray for a miracle! 

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