Quality time

Today I woke up with the same feeling of feeling off colour, I was exhausted last night but it took me ages to get my brain to switch off.

We spoke to my hubbys mum and dad on Skype which had arranged a few days before. I must admit I was apprehensive and worried I would break down wen asked questions about how I was.

I did feel emotional but my hubby was so supportive to what I was saying and I felt that everything I said was really heard and understood.

I enjoyed chatting about this time last year when we were with them in Oz and listening to the storm outside their window. I remembered the feeling of standing in the garden watching the sky light up and the rain pounding down.

After the call we got ready and went to town which was my suggestion as I wanted to get out of the house and get some fresh air.

I had planned to drop my pregnancy books to my friend but I couldn’t cope with the idea, and felt anxious just thinking about it. So for now that will have to wait.

We were inn town searching for some replacement wedding rings.

Eventually we found one the right size for me although the search is still on for one for hubby.

We had hot drinks and doughnuts walking arm in arm and I felt content.

We walked past a dad and his son. And we heard him say to his son ‘you should be grateful for what you get’ and continued being quite aggressive to the boy. 

 My hubby said “you should be grateful you have a child to buy things for” it took me by surprise and made me proud of his journey too. 

We came home and watched tv, cuddled on the sofa and we plan to have a few drinks tonight whilst we watch Saturday night tv.

I feel a lot more calm tonight and I am hoping a few more days of rest and quality time together will help me on the way to recovery.


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