I managed a reasonable nights sleep which was good but I still woke with a feeling of ‘what now?’

Breakfast seems to be the hardest part of the day, I have to really push myself to get a drink and something to eat so I can take my tablet.

I got myself dressed and ready so I could take my relative out. I felt very quiet and withdrawn and I didn’t feel like saying much. At the cafe I started to feel a panic coming over me, I managed to breath deep and distract myself from getting upset.

After I came home and watched a movie I had some snacks but struggled to eat more than that. I started to feel a bit sick so I decided to go and have a lay down.

I have had some discomfort low under my pubic bone which feels like pressure on my bladder the whole time and when I go to the loo I feel an extra urgency a bit like the feeling of cystitis. I still have light spotting too and pressure on my bowel.

It’s making my feel fed up as I hoped the further from my period I got the better I would feel.

Tomorrow is my appointment with my Endo consultant and later in the day I see the Fertility consultant.

Hopefully we will have some answers tomorrow and we can plan what’s next.

My hubby and I discussed the questions we want to ask and the time frame we want to meet. I hope I stay strong enough to get through the appointments 

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