Next steps

Well today was the two appointments I had been waiting for.

1. Dr Guyer – Endometriosis specialist 

Dr Guyer was very helpful and supportive. He advised that surgery was the right thing to do to rise the chances of the ivf working. 

He would book in my surgery for around the start of March and in the meantime arrange an MRI to allow him to plan the surgery. 

He did an examination and could feel the pressure I had been describing. I felt alt of discomfort during this and for the rest of the day. 

He thought there could possibly be a large cyst pressing on the drugs organs and the bleeding might not be due to Endo in the bowel but they would be able to know more after the scan. We also discussed removing the blocked tube.

I felt reassured that I was going to get the help I wanted and quite quickly. 

2. Dr Chui – Fertility consultant 

He talked us though the treatment and the results. Hubby’s sperm was very good so there were no worries there. He believed the failings were down to the lack of eggs collected due to my low amh. This meant that they didn’t have enough to risk allowing the embryos to grow to blastocyst stage.

Next time they plan to start my drugs on day 3 of period rather than day 19 of cycle.

I will be having 300mg of menopur and 300mg of gonal f to increase egg growth. This will be followed by serotide to stop ovulation until collection time. 

He also warned I was already on the highest dose of menopur they give to anyone because of my low egg reserve.

We told him out the plans to have surgery. He recommended it in regards my health but warned that any removals of cysts from an ovary could damage the ovary and again reduce the chance of eggs being the produced. 

So we will look at asking the Endo surgeon to remove the bad tube and ovary, separate any adhesions and avoid the other ovary if possible. 

He advised that I could start another cycle  around 6 weeks after surgery. 

We discussed the ‘endometrial scratch’ and he said it does have proof of success but usually in women with two failed cycles. It also needs to have blastocyst or top quality embryos to work.

The cost is £300 and you have to have it done the cycle before the one you start your drugs on. So there is no guarantee you will have the right quality embryos to even use this technique. It’s a big gamble and apparently quite painful. 

We also discussed donor eggs, but the there is currently no funding on the NHS for this treatment or donors in the area.

So both these appointments were informative and helpful. 

I do feel a bit better to hear that I will get the help I need. I am frustrated about being in pain and having to go through surgery again but I know I have to go through it to get the chance for success.

I just hope that the MRI doesn’t show too much involvement of the bowel. 

2 thoughts on “Next steps

  1. Sounds like those appointments went well and great that you have a plan now. I think removing the endo is a great idea and will help. That was interesting what your doctor said about removing cysts on the ovary affecting eggs. I had an op to remove a large cyst from my right ovary a few years ago and now during IVF I rarely get follicles growing on my right hand side, maybe just one, so the right hand side just seems to have too many adhesions or something. It’s also the side that has the blocked tube. I don’t think everyone finds the scratch that painful. I had mine done under general anesthetic while getting a hyteroscopy (womb camera) though.

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    1. I think I will ask for them to take the blocked tube and the ovary that side as there was no follicles on it this cycle, just a lot of discomfort. Also I think these might be a large cyst on it now. If possible I am hoping they will leave the other one alone x


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