Trying hard

Well I managed to go back to work!

It wasn’t easy I was so nervous and even though everyone was so great I did feel fragile and like people were watching me.

My supervisor took me in to her office as soon as I arrived to talk me through back to work and to discuss anything I was worried about and to let her know if I needed some time out.

I was concerned that I only have 3 days half pay sick left but there’s nothing I can do, and we will deal with everything as it happens now.

I got back in to work gradually and it was nice over the next few days to be concentrated on something else.

I am pretty exhausted so the cups of tea are vital!

We drove up to our little caravan in the new forest last night. It was a pretty awful night sleep and my cyst, or whatever is in there is pressing on my bowel and bladder constantly and making me feel like I am desperate for the loo. Trying not to let it get me down but it’s hard. 

Warning TMI – Also having a lot of brown/Clear discharge which I think is either ovulation or maybe the cyst draining I am not sure. 

It’s a shame as I had hoped all this would be stopped for our weekend away. No pool for me ! 😦 

The mornings are my most anxious time and it takes me ages to get food in tinny tummy to take my tablet.

We are hoping to go and explore the beach and cliffs this morning, I think the fresh air will really help me clear my head.

The caravan is lush and comfortable. I think I could happily live in one of these. 

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