Hard times 

Well I am please to say Christmas Day was uninterrupted by Aunt Flow. 

But Boxing Day afternoon the bowel cramps started.

Here I am 3 days later in bed feeling totally fed up. 

I have had the majority of my period from my bowel, running to the loo, unable to eat and exhausted. 

The bleeding was twice as heavy as last month from the bowel. It took nearly two days of that before normal bleeding joined in but this has been light. 

The bowel bleeding stopped around yesterday morning but the bowel cramps, and excessive clear fluid with cramps is continuing now. 

I am afraid to move too far from the loo and feeling down. Yet again I have missed work and we are meant to be going away tonight for a new year break and night out. 

I have emailed the Endo nurse to request that my surgery in march includes the bowel part. I know the recovery is going to be longer but I can’t go on like this.

Especially as after the next ivf try I will be left with these symptoms and that will just push me deep down in to depression.

I am even starting to consider if ivf is the best step now. Should I be thinking about my long term health rather than putting more pressure on my body. 

I have made a doctors appointment for Tuesday to talk about possible drugs to stop my periods til my operation. There can be a nasty withdrawal bleed after but after my op they should be manageable. 

I can’t carry on like this every month. What’s sort of life is this for both of us. 

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