2 months until scheduled surgery

A bit of an update on how things are going at the moment.

After the last period I decided something needed to change and fast!

I had a telephone drs appointment last week and she wanted to speak to my Endo Consultant first before prescribing any hormonal treatment that could effect our IVF hopes after recovery.

She called me back a couple of days later and said they wanted to start with trying me back on Cerazette. She warned of irregular bleeding but that is something that i am having already so I am not too worried. I am aware that it also made me quite low when i was on it last but i am on my anxiety med so i am hoping this will counteract it.

I have done a lot of research through forums on ladies who have gone through the bowel bleeding and unfortunately a lot found that although the pill did stop their periods it didn’t stop the bowel bleeding.

I am truly terrified that it wont work and I will still get the horrid symptoms. I don’t want to be back on the pill but i feel i have limited options at this stage.

Today I has a ‘back to work’ meeting with my Supervisor to discuss the amount of sick i have been having. I needed the opportunity to explain why its not just a bad period and i really cant come to work when the symptoms kick in. She agreed and said that they really as a workplace needed to understand the symptoms and what is happening so they can support me properly. They said they wouldn’t be letting me go because of it as at this stage it isn’t effecting my work. I have been offered there full support and their main concern was that I understood that i wouldn’t be getting anymore company sick pay and that i needed to be aware of that. I made them aware that the medication may not work and when my next period was due.

I explained that i am planning a bigger operation that i was before as I want to be full health before making any further decisions. My MRI is now booked for 28th January so by then I will know more about the severity we are dealing with.

I am now in some kind of discomfort every day, and i feel like my insides are inflamed and too big for my body. Cramps come and go and i am a constant battle with constipation.

After several chaser emails I heard back from the Endo Nurse and she said that I could see my consultant after the MRI. So now I am awaiting the appointment and then I can find out if the more complicated operation i may need on my bowel will mean that the surgery date will have to be moved to ensure a bowel surgeon is present.

I really want to get my life back on track, be healthy and start to create the future my hubby and i want for us. So in a few weeks we should know the direction it will be best to take…..



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