Thinking out Loud

Well I am on my 5th day of Cerazette and not much to report.

I am still spotting but that as well as being a side effect of this pill is also a symptom I have most of the time.

It takes me two nights of Senna to be able to go to the loo and I seem to have a constant pressure and on & off urgency feelings in my bladder.

These I think are just the uterus and Endo being inflamed and stuck to the surrounding organs.

I am still terrified of my next period…… will the pill hold off my bowel symptoms!?

I have been following a lot of support groups on Facebook recently and it amazes me that so many women have this condition. In fact over 2 million women in the UK!

The varying degree of severity and knowledge of Endo is shocking.

There are ladies on these groups who have have lost their jobs due to the endless pain, medicines and regular surgery.

Only yesterday I was speaking to a lady who has suffered with Endo for about 14 years and has an adopted child. She is desperate to have her own child but at 33 years old has had to choose to have a hysterectomy because she just cant cope anymore.

All these women are on cocktails of very strong drugs to ease their pain and alot of the drugs don’t even touch the pain.

I am lucky that although my pain can be very intense at times as long as i can eat i find Naproxen, and co-codamol usually work for me. I can manage work most of the time although a few days a month i tend to be off sick.

But I have more bowel symptoms than a lot of these ladies.

Its so individual how it effects you and how you cope!

Its still so misunderstood as ‘bad periods’ and its time that more was done to make this condition understood by GPS.

Will they ever find a cure? Could the pill and over hormone treatments be the cause of it for some ladies? Are we really born with the cells?

Something needs to be done, and research and awareness spread.




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