Back to GP

Well I gave up and made a GP appointment for tomorrow.

I thought I could ride the storm but so far cerazette doesnt like me at all.

I have had 7 sleepless nights now, I just cant get comfortable with the pain.

If I do start to drift off my thoughts are vivid and really weird, and I jolt myself awake again.

My bleeding calms in the evening but then is so heavy I have a tampon and a pad on. I was filling a nighttime pad in 2 hours.

And the pain is constant, normally consistently on my left side (bad) but also moving down my legs, up my back and also high into my rib cage.

I am having shortness of breath on and off, crazy hot flushes and periods of extreme fatigue.

These seem to come when i am diving or around lunch time onwards. I can barely hold my head up and I am in danger of causing an accident.

I am feeling so nauseous most of the time, so i am off food and i can see myself getting run down. My lips are cracked, my skin is spotty and i look gaunt.

I am having to force myself to eat and drink. I even threw up my first painkiller of the day.

The low mood has also hit and I find i cant even be bothered to talk, comment or react to things. Its my hubbys birthday on Thursday and I really need to snap out of it but I just dont know how. I cant even bare watching my favourite tv show.

So I am going back to drs to ask if there are any alternatives to this pill. Although I think it has stopped the bowel bleeding which is amazing, i just dont think I can live with the other symptoms all the time. This bleeding could go on for weeks I have been told.

I wanted quality of life back, and although I am dragging myself to work it takes all my fight to get here.

I feel myself thinking how am i going to manage to hold a job and other things like will my hubby just get fed up and leave me.

I know this is mainly the pill but its getting a hold of me and I cant let it do that.

Again the thoughts are back about having a hysterectomy. MRI is Saturday so just hold on a bit longer.



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