Thursday 2nd February

So last time I wrote I was at the end of my tether having suffered a migraine at work on Friday and being sent home and preparing for my MRI. At around 2pm on Saturday I was watching tv and i started to feel funny again, my eyes seemed to be blurred a bit and bits of the picture on the tv were deformed.

I knew this was the onset of another migraine! I decided to go and lay down to try and preempt the attack as I knew that i needed to be ok for the MRI in a few hours. I went for a lay down and as i expected the flashing started in my eyes again. I had taken some pain killers and tried to have a nap.

When it came time to leave for the MRI my eyes were ok but i had a headache. The MRI itself was alot longer than my one before my previous operation. It was loud and i could barely hear the music.

Now since stopping the pill I havent had anymore migraines, but my bowel has continued to be very unsettled. The pain just to pass wind and the general day to day gripes are wearing but I am finding that the mefernamic acid tablets are helping with this.

I am taking them 3 times a day with my meals and avoiding taking any laxatives.

My bleeding has pretty much stopped but i have had a little bit of blood in my stools but so far it hasnt progressed to the intense cramps and excessive bleeding.

I feel like I am living in limbo awaiting my body to realise I have stopped the pill and decide its time for a period. Thats when it will be hardest.

On myself my mood isnt too bad, and i am just trying to keep on topup of pain relief.

I do feel restricted in what i can plan at the moment, because my cycle is out of sync and I never know how i am going to feel. I have even asked my hairdresser to come to me this time just incase I am feeling off colour.

I am also looking at finances and trying to put some money by for my time off for the op. I dont have any paid sick leave left apart from Statutory sick pay.

I have been emailing the Endo Nurse and awaiting some info on what medications they could recommend to take to suppress the periods for a few months. It has been hard to catch her although we have been chasing each other.

Yesterday morning I got a call from the Gynae reception secretary saying that Dr Guyer was putting on an extra clinic on Friday and the Endo nurse had suggested that I have an appointment.

So I have an appointment with my Endo consultant tomorrow which I am relieved about. I will get the chance to talk about the awful night sweats, medications and see when i will hear about MRI results. I also want to check he is aware of what i want to be done in the surgery and check that a bowel surgeon will be present to guide with that part of the surgery.

5 weeks to go and counting, I just hope that it isn’t moved now that the bowel part is involved.

I have begun planning my workload for the next few weeks to try and ensure I dont have too much to leave behind for my colleagues when I am off. At this point I have no idea how long my recovery will be.

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