No going back

My worries continued but I turned up for my appointment only to be told that they had booked me in with the wrong dr as this one didn’t know how to do the injection! 

She was trying to make me rebook my appointment to come back and I wasn’t happy. Having Syked myself up all weekend for it I wasn’t prepared to leave without having it. 

Luckily she could tell I wasn’t giving up easily and went out the room to speak to someone. 

She found a free gp who knew how to administer it and it was all systems go.

The injection itself looked huge but it just had a long chamber for mixing the drug attached and the dr had to pre mix and wait for it to settle and then administer.

I chose to have it in the upper arm and it was relatively painless.

The dr said that any hrt or further jabs would be dealt with through my Endo consultant so I just have to see how I go for now. 

It will take a couple of weeks to kick in so now is just a waiting game. 

I have a mild ache on my arm by nothing else to report on the jab front. 

Now I am still awaiting Mother Nature, I have been off the pill for over a week now and I expected a period although according to my actual cycle it would be due around the 16th. 

I am still having the occasional bit of bowel blood but it’s controllable and I am not sure if this is down to the mefernamic acid I am taking regularly. It seems to do a good job of reducing the painful cramps at the moment. 

What will come first? Period or jab side effects?  

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