Day 2 – After Prostap

Well not much to report at the moment apart from a tender shoulder.

I did feel really itchy last night on my back and thighs and I wondered if this was a sign of something happening in my system.

I had the usual amount of sleep disturbed by a couple of night sweats and a very vivid dream.

I am not expecting much in the way of side effects at this stage but its worth keeping a record so I can look back and see how I was getting on.

I am puzzled about my cycle as according to my ovulation app I am due to come on around the 16th but obviously because I had a very long bleed while on cerazette this may have shifted.

I stopped the pill on the 27th January and as yet no period.

I have a had some light spotting, and this morning moderate cramps and the bowels started bleeding. I was positive this was the start of things and after a few rushes to the loo i was determined i would try and get to work.

I managed the journey and the cramps settled down again. I feel a little bloated and have alot of pressure on my bladder but all seems ok at the moment.

I would love to skip a period but i think thats just wishful thinking!

I have read in some womens experience that merfernamic acid dramatically reduces bleeding for some women so maybe the mix of the the new drug and these is holding off the flow as such.

Watch this space!

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