Day 4

Well yesterday was a great day pain wise. I was busy and focused at work and felt fairly good. In the evening I started to get intense bowel cramps and the pushing down feeling made me feel like I was desperate but nothing would happen. 

I felt so deflated after numerous times in the bathroom I went to bed in a sulky mood. 

In the morning at first I felt fine but then the cramps kicked in and I ended up panicking on my way to work that I wouldn’t make it in time. At work I ended up having a little accident but luckliy I had a pad on which rescued me!

I passed more blood too and I wondered whether I would get through the day if it carried on. 

It seemed to pass and at lunch time I felt very odd but that’s passed too. 

I spoke to a few ladies on the support group about prostap and the symptoms I had and if I should expect a period. They said that if it is working I shouldn’t have any bleeding at this stage. It’s just the menopause symptoms which may start to kick in soon and then I can work out how manageable it is and if indeed any added hrt. Some women find that the hrt tips the scales and bleeding starts. 

I hope as I get further along the drug course I will have less of the bowel bleeding too and that would be amazing.

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