Day 6

The last few days have been interesting and I have started to observe some changes.

I have been relying heavily on the mefenamic acid tablets 3 times a day and after reading that these often stop or reduce bleeding I was curious to know if the prostap was doing its job or if it was the mefenamic acid.

Friday morning I took one with breakfast as normal and I didn’t take any more that day.I also has no bowel bleeding that morning.

In regards to pain I was comfortable and pleased that I didn’t feel I needed to take one. Towards the evening I became bloated but that was about all.

I felt deflated that night as I was ready for bed early and I couldn’t really focus on tv, phone or anything. I went to bed feeling a bit fed up that life has become so boring and I have lost my fun side.

During the night when I got up to my nagging bladder I noticed dark spotting had started.

Saturday morning the cramps had started and I had a few rushes to the bathroom but no blood.

I had to take a mefenamic acid but it calmed things within an hour and I went to see a relative that was feeling low because of her health issues. I found myself understanding her frustration of how a condition can take over and control your life. What you eat, drink….what plans you make, your social life and relationships.

We talked over a hot chocolate and I had a therapeutic cuddle with my aunts dog and I helped make lunch for my relative.

On heading home I was determined that while I felt reasonable we should get out he house.

We went to Chichester and picked up my prescriptions and stopped for a cuppa and cake in a café. It was nice to be out and about.

We briefly spoke about my work appraisal coming up and my frustration about feeling the condition had held me back, and we talked about getting our social life back on track, and I was hoping my body confidence would return after the op recovery.

We headed home and watched a movie together, and I took another tablet with tea.

This morning a few twinges and spotting but I have realised that I haven’t had the night sweats for two nights now. It seems strange that a drug that is meant to bring on the sweats seems to have temporarily stopped them.

We have actually made some plans for valentines day which was a gamble but its time we try and get things in some kind of normality. Things can become stale if you have nothing to talk about but how you are feeling.

My libido has crashed further which is normal I know but part of it is just losing confidence in your body, and fear of pain. Its a hard one to juggle with a husband who needs love and affection.

Todays plan is to take a tablet this morning and see how I go with the rest of the day, do some tidying, sewing, financial planning and some hubby time.

4 weeks til the op now and feeling hopeful for new beginnings if I can just get through the next few weeks.


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