Day 8

I haven’t got too much to report at the moment which i guess is a good thing!

I have cut my pain killers down to 1 a day, although there will be the odd evening like last night that I was incredibly bloated and had a few strange stabbing type pains so I gave in and took one with dinner.

I had a strange on and off headache early evening but it seemed to go away quickly.

I had a night sweat the night before last but none last night.

My mood is pretty stable at the moment but I am still having some worries about if mother nature may visit even though it shouldn’t.

Its still really early days on Prostap but I really hope things stay as they are because I feel reasonably settled.

My ovary pain has disappeared, and I am not taking any laxatives which was always an every other day necessity. Although my bowel is taking its time, and gets a bit bloated and uncomfortable it is nothing like normal.

My hubby and i have plans for tonight which is the first time in ages we have been able to plan an evening away from the house.




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