Day 10

This morning I had an pre op appointment with the stoma clinic.

This is routine when you are having surgery involves the bowel just incase they tear it when separating the uterus from it in surgery. 

I remember having this before my last op.

At the appointment a lovely lady talked me through what a stoma meant, where they put it and showed me how to put it on. 

We talked about how your diet needs to change to adapt to having the bag and she was reassuring. 

You have to eat more salt whilst you have the stoma and avoid foods with too much fibre. You should eat small amounts regularly and be aware that is you are windy it seeps out through vent which can be a bit noisey. It doesn’t smell as it is filtered through charcoal. 

Then she marked my tummy with two black circles which show the surgeon the best places to have the stoma should I need it. This is judged on your waist line of what you normally wear and how your move. 

She sent me to work wearing one so I could see how it feels. To be honest I forgot I was wearing it on the journey home. 

You also get a practise pack to allow you to try wearing it and read more about it. 

I have to keep re-adding my black spots on my tummy right up to op day! 

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