And so it begins 

Well today is 12 days and this morning my vowel cramps were back on form, I was running back and forth to the loo. 

After 3 days without pain killers I had to give in and take one with breakfast. 

I had lots of chores to do so I ploughed through as I was determined to achieve what I had planned. 

It settled a bit through the morning and between myself and hubby we cleaned the house top to bottom. 

About 4.30 the cramps kicked in again and I had to had another tablet. There was some blood when I wiped and I decided to have a lay down while the tablets worked. 

I am now panicking that I am going to have a period. Some ladies have said that about this time after the jab they had a period, and some with really bad pain. 

I am super bloated and uncomfortable and just hoping I may just have a light bleed and it will settle. 

I have posted some pictures of the advice the ladies have on the support group.

So I am sat on the sofa rubbing my very large and sore tummy wondering what’s next!  

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