Day 13 – definitely unlucky for me

Over night I have had the most intense uterus contractions resulting in the reaction to push. But bowel started bleeding and I had a very restless night. The strength of these pains is like nothing I have ever experienced before which in turn brought hot flushes.

I can now not control at all when the bowel bleeding comes out.

I managed to get some mefernamic acid down me and went back to bed. 

I managed to get a couple of hours rest but woke to bleeding through my nighttime pad, and doubled up towel I had luckily laid down earlier. 

I think this was a mixture of uterine and bowel blood.

I am regularly needing to change my towel from the heavy bowel bleeding. 

I am now force feeding some food down me so I can take another pain killer and try and get more rest. 

My head is full of feelings like ‘what next? Am I going to have to be off work tomorrow? Should I just get a hysterectomy? I took this drug to help me to escape from these symptoms and yet they carry on worse than before. 

I know it’s the drug effecting my hormones and flooding the pituitary gland to enable it to shut my ovaries down but I am now dreading the next part. Will I ever get rid of this horrible disease and live a life!? 

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