Day 16

Things are pretty settled today I am pleased to say.

On Monday things started to slow down and although I was tired and a bit head-achy I was able to focus on doing a bit of sewing and felt alot safer walking about without the fear of flooding.

Monday morning I had a gripe in my tummy but I felt ready and looking forward to going back to work.

I have had a few hot flushes, and continued with the night sweats but the bowel bleeding has completely stopped and I just have a light period remaining.

I had a text message from my GP on Monday asking me to make a telephone appointment which I had this morning. Although the Dr had no idea why he was calling me as he couldn’t locate any info they needed to speak to me about.

I did confirm with him that I could now get my prostap injections through my GP and that they would order them in and I would just call up and book the appointment when its due.

Today I had my appraisal at work and I was worried about how my sick was effecting my job. My Supervisor was continually supportive and ensured me that my worries about losing my job or not doing a good enough job was unfounded and that it wasn’t effecting my job quality.

I discussed those concerns and upcoming treatment and workload and felt reassured.

I feel a little tired today and i have the odd dull pain in my left ovary on and off.

Just two more appointments with the consultant before the operation and I am feeling positive about it.

Just hoping the Prostap side effects stay cope-able and I can carry on as I am.

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