I am feeling a bit lost tonight 

I don’t feel like me and it’s been a long time since I have. I want to be well and remember what it’s like to think about anything else but ‘how will I feel today?’ 

I have lost confidence in so many aspects of my life and the zest for a giggle and fun is becoming hard to come by. 

I fear I am not good enough and that people will get tired of asking after me or putting up with me. 

I want my sparkle back and what makes me really me back! 

No one really understands the way I feel at the moment and I am not sure I could explain it properly anyway. 

The choices I need to make don’t feel like mine and I am just sick of being sick. 

I want to be confident the person I see in the Mirror and be more than just another victim of Endo. 

Hoping this is just a low mood and I will pull through some strength after a good nights sleep. 

Just keep swimming 

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