Don’t listen to doubters

Last night I went to my GP as I had cystitis symptoms and I wanted to be sure it wasn’t an infection as this would prevent them from doing my operation next week.

I took a sample and she confirmed that there was some sign of white cells and protein. She sent off my sample and gave me a 5 day dose of Nitrofurantoin which I have taken before for previous infections. Its strange as I had an infection before my last surgery a few years ago.

I am still fighting of some kind of lurgy, with the odd tickly in my throat and occasional sniffle. It just keeps coming and going. I am taking multi vits, extra vit c and zinc & a preventative nasal and throat spray. As well as my Natural Salt Inhaler.

I am determined to keep it at bay as I do not want to have to cancel due to ill health.

I got a letter from the hospital today to move my surgery to the afternoon, so now i will check in at 12pm rather than 7am. At least this means I can have a light breakfast before 7am and some time at home.

I made the mistake of reading some of the forums today and there was a woman on there desperate for hysterectomy and her friend who is which another surgeon is having one. The ladies on the forum starting tell her that a hysterctomy wouldn’t cure her endo. I think saying that is a bit quick to judge. For some women is works, for others it doesn’t. It all depends on where the endo is, your surgeons skills at removing whats there at the time of hysterectomy and much more.

It made me doubt that this would be right for me, but the prostap has proved to me how much better i feel when my ovaries are not functioning so I am confident this is right for me.

Today it is 3 years since my hubby proposed and it will be 5 years together on the 11th. Time has gone so fast.

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