Niggles and sniffles 

Well the last couple of days have shown me examples of how support groups can be both helpful and stifling.

On one group I found some ladies judgemental and harsh in their comments about another ladies wish to be able to have a hysterectomy. They were quick to tell her not to do it and throw negative comments at her choices. 

I told the lady my plans and the respond and they all seems to go on the attack telling me to think long and hard about my choice and that this was not a cure. 

I know full well that my choice is not a definite cure but every woman is different and how they suffer is different. How can they say that something that doesn’t work for people they know won’t work for anyone else. 

I clearly explained my reasons for choosing ovary removal, and that it wasn’t a rash decision. This is my body, my choice and my future.

I fully appreciate the massive changes I am about to go through and the chances that this won’t be a forever cure. But it will stop my periods, my fear of my cycles, less pain and give me closure on this point of my life. 

The other support group are full of ideas, and although there are ladies it hadn’t worked for there are the other 50% that say it’s the best thing they ever did. 

My antibiotics are already kicking in and although my wee is almost illuminous i feel it working. (Normal side effect) 

My sniffles are still coming and going.  I feel so run down and poorly at times and others I feel ok. I am using my cold and flu guard, inhaler, vitamin c and zinc and drinking more fluids. Getting to bed early too.

As long as I am not blocked up or it goes to my chest I should be ok for surgery. 

The night sweats were horrendous last night. I was cold one minute and dripping wet with sweat the next. Hot flushes are more regular too.

I have had the odd niggle on my left side which may be my ovary waking up or some light constipation. 

Hoping to be able to have Friday pm off if I get all my work up to date so I can get some proper rest, pack a bag and tidy up everything etc 

Pre-op tomorrow afternoon. 

4 thoughts on “Niggles and sniffles 

  1. Yes! I have experienced some of that too from different groups. I think that people generally mean well, but can be kind of judgmental, negative, harsh, and maybe not understanding of respectful boundaries. I think that medical choices like this should be made the woman who is affected using whatever medical advice from her doctor(s) she can get. I think the answers might be different for everyone – what works for one person might not for the next woman. And I think we should be supporting each other to make whatever the right decisions are for ourselves!

    If I don’t feel like a group or person is helping me, I leave the group. Life is too hard and too short to spend on interactions that hurt me. I’ve had to leave at least one online endo-related group. I have really liked Hyster Sisters ( and this Survivors Guide to Surgical Menopause

    I ended up having to get the excision surgery for my endo and had my ovaries and tubes removed. If I could have kept one or both of them, I absolutely would have. It was not possible. I was able to keep my uterus, cervix etc. and I’m glad that was an option for me. It might not be for everyone. It’s all so individual!

    Fortunately, I had a lot of faith in my wonderful surgeon and I felt like the decisions were truly the best for me. It’s not what I wanted in life, but it was the best thing to do under the circumstances.

    I’m doing HRT. I have heard lots of negative comments from people about HRT, usually unsolicited advice. It’s the right choice for me.

    I hope I’m not saying too much, I only mean to help. It has been incredibly difficult for me and am thankful to have this forum to connect with other women in similar situations. I wish I wouldn’t have had to do this and have that surgery, but I didn’t really have much of a choice.

    For me, the recovery took a LOT longer than I was expecting. The hormones have been tough. My emotions and libido have been affected. I’ve had more bleeding that I expected. I have a terrible time sleeping now. Still haven’t found my solution to that yet. 8 months out and I’m still feeling like I am getting over it. A lot of that is grief and other ongoing challenges in my life. Anyway, it’s been hard but I’m still standing and continue to get better.

    I’ve heard some women say that the hysterectomy was the best thing that could have happened to them. It seems like you have been very thoughtful about your decision and haven’t taken it lightly. I hope that the surgery will really help you!! Only you can know what’s right for you! XO

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    1. Thanks for replying. I think I may leave this group as you say although others advise they can upset you even if they don’t mean to. I know this is a massive decision but I know it’s what I want. I am terrified of how I will feel after especially emotionally! I hope that the hrt will balance that eventually and I will feel ok. This whole thing is a battle that feels like all treatment is a gamble. I wish they had more insight in to Endo. It’s has such a knock on effect to all of your life X


      1. There are so many hormone options and things to try until you find what works! I find that comforting. I think it can just take time to work out the right balance for each person. I have had emotional ups and downs – and irritability at times – but not as bad as what I had feared. It’s still better than the alternative I would have faced without surgery. It is unfortunate, and I sure wish there was a cure for endo, but it’s going to be okay!! It’s hard because there’s so much uncertainty, but you’ve thug this through and know what’s best for you. It takes an incredible amount of strength to walk through this, but you’re taking good care of yourself and better days are ahead! You got this!

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