Post op 

Had my pre- op checks, weight, height and usual questions. Got my gorgeous green stocking last and put my belongings in a locker. I went down for surgery at 1.30pm. The worst part for me was the cannula being put in as it took a while to get in and I was looking up at the surgery lights and thinking this is it! 

They put my heart monitors on and gave me a drug to make we woozy through the cannula. I felt odd like being a bit drunk. 

I was given oxygen and then the anaesthetic. 

Next thing I remember is waking up feeling a bit of pain like I needed a poo. I felt sick and I was a little sick when I came round. They told me I was feeling pressure from the stent they had put into my bladder which has a balloon to keep it open. 

Apparently there was a lot of Endo in that area, and he had down a lot of work there. They found the Endo had made a blockage in one of the tubes from the kidney and the bladder. They have put a stent in to hold it open while everything heals and it will have to be removed in 6 weeks by a urologist. 

My ovaries, and tubes have been removed and my bladder and bowel have been separated safely without needing a stoma. 

I felt very woozy and they told me I would have to stay the night because a stent can quickly go septic so they have to keep an eye on me. I had a catheter left in. 

The ladies on my ward are lovely and chatty and we have had a giggle.

During the night I had to have oxygen as my blood pressure was very low and I felt like I wasn’t breathing deeply enough. 

I didn’t eat any sleep as I was worrying about knocking the catheter and the lady next door to me was talking  a lot in the night.

Pain wise I mainly feel the gas pain in my shoulder blades and tummy. I have had regular Obs taken and pain killers. 

This morning I have had my cannula and catheter removed and they are waiting for me too pass urine and maybe some wind. 

They want to scan my bladder to ensure I am emptying it properly.

I will be seeing my gp in the next couple of weeks for the prescription of a combi hrt. 

My will be discharged by lunchtime hopefully and back to my own bed x 

One thought on “Post op 

  1. I’m just now catching up with you! I’m so glad to hear the surgery went so well! What a relief to be done, and no stoma. How scary about your ureter being blocked. Good thing you’ve gotten fixed up. Sending you tons of positive thoughts and support!

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