Sleeping it off

Came home yesterday and managed some dinner, a bit of tv and an early night.

The gas pain is intense and trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in wasn’t easy.  Each time you move the gas pushes somewhere else on your body. Usually the shoulder blades or rib cage. 

During the night I passed some gas and this morning I definitely feel less pressure. I have been clearing my throat a lot which i think is due to the tube they put down for oxygen during the surgery. 

I have also been passing a lot of urine which I have been told is normal as the stent irritates the bladder. It’s also a fruit punch colour which I read is normal for most of the time you have it. 

The actual operation points aren’t painful at all at the moment just a bit tight and swollen. Keeping up the pain killers and about to have some breakfast.

I will have my first shower later and change my dressings.  Emotionally ok at the moment just time to rest. 

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