I managed to toddle downstairs yesterday afternoon to watch a film with hubby. 

It was somewhat more comfortable supported on a long sofa than sitting up in bed. Although I had to have the fan on as the hot flushes had returned. 

It was enough to shatter me and soon after dinner I wanted to get back to bed. 

I woke twice during the night drenched in sweat and having to change.  I am needing to go for a wee more often but this is normal when you have a stent. Just having to remember to drink more to compensate.

I can feel a bit more gas floating about when I turn over but it’s definitely better than it was. I am a bit fearful of my first bowel movement when it comes too. 

It’s my first day at home by myself which feels a bit odd but hubby has made my lunch and left all I need. 

I sent a few messages to people last night letting them know what had happened during the op and I have had some lovely supportive messages. 

Now I know there will be healing emotionally to go through but this will happen in its own time. Just coming to terms with the physical changes is part one. 

4 thoughts on “Recovery 

  1. Are you doing hormone replacement? I’m sorry, I can’t remember if you said. (menopause has affected my memory!) It sounds like you’re doing really well!! I had such constipation and problems after my op. There’s kind of a funny post I wrote about it. I had an embarrassing and scary episode. But it got back to normal and I got off the heavy pain meds. Lots of stool softener and citrucel to get things going again. Argh. I think you’re smart to focus on physical recovery and then tackle the emotions. That’s what I did. It’s so much for your body to handle right now, so much healing, but you’ll get there!

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    1. Hi, I am due to start hrt after two weeks. My consultant wanted me to heal and settle after the op before adding backing the hormones. Feeling apprehensive about how I am going to feel emotionally when my body catches up with itself and realises the ovaries are gone. Just trying to take each day at a time ad I have a habit of worrying before something happens and it gets me in a state. X


      1. I was worried too, but once I got the right level of hormones, my emotions have been nowhere near what I feared. Out of balance, definitely had emotional problems. In balance, pretty okay. I think the biggest issue remaining is irritability… My poor husband! 😄 I hope it will work out well for you too. This is not easy, but we’ll make it!

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      2. Thank you, I am scared about the emotion side as I do get down and I have been really low before and it’s so horrid. I am feeling positive and hopefully heading into it that way will help. I have little waves of low feeling at the mo but it lifts quite easily. Just taking each day at a time. Thank you and I hope you continue making good progress xxx


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