Time fly’s…

Yesterday was my first day at home by myself and it felt a little strange but after a slow wake up I took myself downstairs and made myself some cereal and a cup of coffee.

Chose some light tv and settled down on the sofa. My hubby had left a packed lunch for me and he had popped out for ore more painkillers the night before.

A friend of mine offered to pop over for a visit in the evening which gave me something to aim for.

I managed a shower and checked my stitches which are all looking good so far. I felt totally shattered after that and had a lay down.

When I woke I put a little mascara and foundation on to make me feel a bit more human.

My hubby came home from having a tooth being pulled and felt ropey but it was nice to see some friends who bought a gift of a healing stone from Stonehenge from a recent holiday.

I had a small dinner as both of us weren’t feeling very hungry and I was coughing a lot which was pulling my tummy. I think the cough I had before surgery has reared its ugly head because of the irritation from the oxygen pipes.

I took some Senna when I went to bed to encourage  my bowels to move as nothing has happened since the bowel prep on Sunday. Its natural to become constipated after surgery so the senna will hopefully make it a bit less painful when they do wake up properly.

I got a good amount of rest and in the morning I came downstairs ad did some sewing, emptied the dishwasher and even managed a little sit out in the sunshine (lasted all of 5 mins)

Just thinking what to do for lunch and what to watch on tv as these daytime channels are boring as hell!

I cant believe its already Friday and 4 days after my surgery……..


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