Hot and itchy 

Today I have felt frustrated with myself.

I feel quite good and keep seeing things that need doing and want to do it but I shouldn’t. I started off the day chilled watching tv and sewing but the longer the day went on the more restless I got.

I was bored but didn’t know what I wanted to do. So far I have managed to distract myself with games, social media etc but it’s working less and less. 

My hot flashes are coming thick and fast throughout the day now. Another symptoms I have had over the last few days is really itchy hands and feet. 

I thought initially I had just got a rash or allergic to something but I read up on the forums and support groups that it’s hormone related. 

I had a 2 hr nap which I didn’t realise I needed and finished the evening off with some tv. 

I have a little more fresh spotting tonight and some feelings of urgency to wee when there nothing there. I will have to keep an eye on this just incase there is a problem with the stent or infection. I was told to look out for cloudy urine or blood in it. At this stage I am not having any of that. 

I was caught up in a programme about transgender children and their battle with their identity. It is quite scary the hormone treatments they have to face to be who they really are. I can’t imagine the emotional battle they go through every day and will do in the future.

I have few people visiting me this week so that should break up the monotony a little. Usually I love being home to chill out but forced rest is actually harder than I thought! 

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