One week on 

The last few days have gone a lot quicker with a few visits from family.

I have found it hard recently to just relax and let myself rest without feeling guilty and that I need to clean up or something. 

Yesterday morning I started with a bit of cross stitch. 

I decided to take some steps to move forward. I called the IVF clinic to let them know I would not be continuing the treatment and to find out if I could still have the counselling that went alongside. They said they thought that wouldn’t be a problem and gave me the counsellors number for me to make contact. I called and left a message requesting an appointment and now I wait. This was a hard call but I feel it’s the first step to getting back on track. 

I also called the urologist to check if my appointment in April was to discuss or to have the stent removed.  They confirmed the stent would be removed on that date and that I could eat and drink as normal. 

In the afternoon my auntie came over and we played games and chatted. 

One of my stitches came off but the underneath was healed and dry so I wasn’t worried. 

This morning I watched played with some makeup and refreshed my temporary hair colour. I felt so much nicer in myself. Some clothes I had ordered arrived and I was pleased to fit in to size ten jeans without my Endo bloating! 

My Endo nurse called me to check on my progress. It was good to check with her what was going to happen at my urology appointment in April. She said it was best to take pain killers before the appointment and that having the stent removed was very similar to having a catheter removed. They would probably use fluid to check if there are any leaks and the stent can be removed.  

We chatted through hrt and she said that I could choose whether to go on patches or tablets although tablets got you in to a better daily routine rather than having to remember every three days to change a patch. 

I had some lunch and watched a feel good movie. Another stitch came loose. It this time the wound was slightly open. I cleaned it up with salt water and covered with a dressing whilst it starts to heal properly.

I talked to a friend who has gone through many try’s at IVF and is pregnant with twins. She told me that even though I do not have ovaries IVF is still possible with a donor egg as they can give you medicines to build your womb lining. This is not available on the NHS in my area. I am still not sure I would want to go through any more treatment but it’s nice to know that it is an option should we wang to pursue it. I still feel that adoption is the option I would prefer to go for. 

My sister in law popped round for coffee and a chat. She bought some lovely flowers and it was nice to talk about some of my concerns. 

I had a headache during the evening and I have some spotting today but nothing new to report symptoms wise. 

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