Post op updates 

Still sleeping ok but I need to get up a few times a night due to the stent. 

During the night I had some internal (private) itching not unlike thrush but further up. It was really frustrating as it’s not an itch you can scratch!
I feared it was related to the stent but I’m reading further into the symptoms it seems to be a sign of the menopause. During that time the lining in the vagina changes and these sort of symptoms show themselves. 

The hot flashes have calmed a little and so have the night sweats. I am still getting the on and off low moments and itchy feet and hands. I am having the odd moments where I can’t remember what I am looking for or can’t pick out the word I need to explain something.

Today I have managed to out some washing on, do a little cleaning (nothing that needed me to lean down) and I even decided to bake!

This is a big deal for me as I haven’t felt confident enough to try anything new for a long time. I followed a simple recipe, even added my own ingredients to experiment cooked them perfectly.

I also experimented with icings and fillings. I felt so happy and proud that I had created something all by myself. I surprised myself at my own ability. This to some people may seem a silly or simple thing to be excited about but to me it was an achievement. I found enjoyment in it especially presenting my three different cake varieties to my sweet tooth hubby who was really surprised and delighted. 

It’s made me realise how much confidence I have lost in trying and doing a lot of things. Maybe piece by piece I can find the enjoyment in the little things again and cherish what I have. 

I am feeling quite motivated which feels nice. 

I felt quite achy this evening as I have done a lot more today, and I have become constipated again. It’s really hard to each a balance of right and wrong foods at the moment. I need to up my fluids and veggies I think.

Tomorrow I am attending a funeral for an aunt which will be my first outing since the op, I am going to part of it as I know I will get tired quickly. 

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