Mothers Day

This morning I felt a bit confused and exhausted.  I went out for a couple of hours on Saturday night to bid farewell to some friends who are moving away. I had a few cocktails which I enjoyed but I must admit I was drinking them faster than normal due to the chosen subject of conversation on my table.

My sister looked stunning and blooming with her 7 month baby bump and as I watched everyone coo over her I felt pride. Although se is totally within her right to be excited I found that the whole evening became a discussion of babies, pregnancy and others planning to try for a baby.

Of course I was too polite to try and change the subject and I did mention our plans to adopt to try and remind them that this was a hard subject. A few sympathetic faces were returned. Although I am excited and committed to the idea of adoption its very early days for me to be rejoicing for other people.

I don’t want to be selfish but I do need to look after myself too.

I was so tired and felt off colour in the morning so I stayed at home to rest and recuperate.

In the evening my mum came over for dinner and it was lovely to spend time together on Mothers Day.

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