Day 3 – HRT

Well today was my second day back at work and its been ok so far. Its amazing how quickly you get back into your routine and the processes that were so far from my mind last week.

I am not sleeping very well at the moment and I am having to have a fan on all night to stop me from sweating so much and throwing the covers on and off.

I was pretty tired and my tummy felt a bit tight and swollen after the first day and I was physically exhausted. I felt extra hungry during the afternoon and I put my feet up for a few hours before I had to go and walk the dogs. I really didn’t want to but my hubby was shattered and there was no one else available.

I managed a short walk and to get dinner organised and by then I was really exhausted. I headed to bed at 9pm but I didn’t get off to sleep until about 11pm. I woke around 2am and I spent the rest of the night tossing and turning. I just could not get back to sleep. I am finding it really frustrating because I love my sleep and I am getting irritable and a bit fed up.

I have become very constipated again and I have looked closely at the last few days and I a definitely not drinking enough or eating enough fruit and veg. After I finished today I went to the market to pick up a selection of fruit. I chose some strawberries, grapes and avocados to start me off and I am trying to drink a lot more fluid over the day.

I am having quite a few hot flashes during the day at work…..I am very thankful I had already bought a USB fan to connect to my computer at work.

Today I had pears with my cereal, a yoghurt for break mid morning, a sandwich at lunch and this afternoon I had a delicious snack of strawberries with a little choc spread for dipping.

Gradually I need to start thinking about exercise that I can do and enjoy to help me with my energy levels and general health.

I am noticing changes in a more personal place now…. when I shower I have to use unperfumed shower gel and I am suffering stinging if I use shaving gel. I have read that the vagina walls can become thinner and can become irritated more easily. I also notice my general skin had become a little dryer recently too.

Once the HRT settles I may look into to other natural remedies that can be used to help which wont make the HRT less effective.

My mood at the moment is still balanced, although I feel a bit thoughtful and pensive about everything I am not feeling low as such. I hope this continues to stay stable.

My body is going through so many changes I cant help worrying what’s next but I know I need to look after myself and take each day at a time. Just keep swimming!

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