Day 4 – 

I am starting to feel different over the last few days. I managed to get some sleep last night which was such a relief but the hot flashes are coming thick and fast. 

I am hungry all the time, and I am feeling a bit agitated. It’s almost like I am frustrated with myself and losing interest quickly. 

I feel a bit like I want to have a tantrum or tear up at stupid things. 

I am beginning to get scared too, after feeling so good for a while I am worried it won’t last!

I have read that HRT can take weeks to kick in and as the days go on I feel more symptoms of menopause. 

I am spotty too which is making me feel a bit yuck.  

The hunger is apparently natural but now I am worrying I will put on weight if I don’t keep an eye on things. 

We are out for dinner at my brother and his gf tomorrow night and we have plans to go out for the afternoon on Saturday the two of us. I am really looking forward to  getting out like a normal couple! 

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