Getting on ok

Yesterday I felt a lot brighter and had more get up and go. 

I ran my aunt into town, went out for coffee and picked up her dog from the vet. Even had a little jog with the dog.

My hubby and I went to Hun wharf on the afternoon, ate at cafe rouge in the sunshine and did some retail therapy. We had a cocktail and it was so nice to be out. 

When we got home we watched the, had some takeaway and had some quality time talking and being close. 

I still have a lot of fear of being intimate but he is being so patient and understanding about the changes I am going through. 

It seems that during the day I feel pretty good, have the hot flashes but they are quite spaced out. It’s the evening/bedtime that I can become restless and a bit ittatated as I try and get to sleep. 

I did get some sleep but the night sweats coupled by cold spells make me wake alot. 

I am still concerned by the constipation but it’s not causing me pain it just seems that my metabolism has slowed right down. I am trying to not let it stress me out as I am sure it makes it worse. 

I have upped my fruit and water intake so I hope gradually things will settle down. 

We have been talking about planning a trip to Amsterdam or Paris for the next couple of months. 

Feeling lovely and relaxed sitting in our garden getting the sunshine on my skin. Today is our lazy day! 

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