The last couple of days have been a struggle. Although my hot flashes are becoming less regular I began getting some mild discomfort and a feeling like an upset tummy on Saturday afternoon.

Despite that I managed to have a lovely lunch out and walk with my auntie. The walk was maybe a bit too far and when I got home I felt very sore and tired. 

The urge to wee has increased and during the evening I felt aching where the ovaries used to be. I also started to swell a bit and had some lower back pain.

It was a particularly tiring evening as my aunt became poorly very suddenly and I was at a&e with her until early hrs on Sunday morning. 

I managed to catch up on a little sleep but in the morning I felt like I needed to go to the bathroom but when I did I passed bile and blood. The appearance was very like the bowel bleeding before the surgery but much less. 

As the day progressed my tummy has felt hot and a bit swollen and I feel pressure on my bowel but when I try to go just air, bild and blood come out. 

I am terrified I am going to come on or that this is a sign something has been missed. On speaking to a lady on my support site she explained that I should keep going as the hrt needs to kick in properly and I still may need to change it. She also reminded me that having ovaries removed is a big change for my body so I mustn’t rush it. 

I guess I foolishly thought the way i was feeling was it and I would feel magically better. I hope it settles soon and we can carry on moving forward.

I don’t want to be frightened anymore.

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